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Overall list of suggestions to reduce repeated new topics a bit

-- Add "stardust gained" similar to XP gained
-- Improved throwing config including Max Throws per type of Pokemon - Add curveball+accuracy config
-- Catch configuration improvements: Make throw configurations per individual Pokemon, mass-disable all master/ultraball/greatball/razzberry  configurations and/or add +100/-100 increment buttons to raise limits for all pokemon easily.
-- Rename newly caught pokemon with High IV % (not sure, easily detectable by niantic..)
-- Pause/Resume buttons for Map view
-- Auto-favorite over certain CP/IV
-- Feature a button to "walk to gym"
-- Mass-rename (add IV to pokemon name), perhaps some selections if pre-selected or appended
-- Special effects for legendary pokemon? (for when they are finally added to the game)
-- Hatching history shown separately?
-- Lucky egg usage button to inventory view to allow pre-selection of many pokemons then activate lucky egg and then "mass-evolve" since selecting many pokemon takes time.
-- Human sniping: fetch pokemon locations from sniping feed, limit to local area and then run/drive to rare pokemon?
-- Tool-Tips for configurations
-- Allow hiding of currently active path in Map to allow cleaner manual path entry view.
-- Add spawn button to Map to fetch pokestops and lock location before starting manual path.
-- Disable individual powerup button if max allowed level reached for pokemon
-- Mass-cleanup (transfer) in inventory view: should behave like "keep best", but for the full inventory.
-- Mass-heal/revive? Post battle auto-revive/heal.
-- Show selected pokemon counter in pokemon tab
-- Lure stop camping, lure party detect (with dancing Tongue since party=dance) Big Grin
-- Bigger variation of random speed, selection of manual path section speeds.
-- Make speed more variable (GPS fuzzying is already done in small amounts)
-- Show dropped/transferred/evolved counters somewhere
-- Separate main view "Start" to Regenerate/Resume, same for Map view Regenerate button
-- Improve Auto-Ignore/Keep/Evolve/Transfer to allow CP IV (also LVL?) based settings
-- Use incense/Lucky Egg automatically or from main view
-- Improve colors of main view log
-- Add a Logout button, for switching accounts - including multiple ninja.json files for separate accounts
-- Add user selections for which eggs to auto-incubate, also incubator config
-- Detailed pokemon panel to inventory to show all the details possible (battle counters, won, losses, type etc)
-- Use lures?
-- Optional Auto-save log --- for the case of active kill-switch closing bot while away.

-- GPX support
-- Device authentication without having to enter password etc
-- Pokestop/Pokemon cache for Platinum members to view stats analysis etc? Would have to be intentional opt-in, not sending any data from bot without user's knowledge. Perhaps local cache would also work?

Already Done:
-- Full-sniping: fetch locations from feed, teleport around, fill pokedex like a maniac - will probably end in permaban for account, but still fun Big Grin
-- Companion/buddy pokemon selection UI
-- Add LVL to Auto-Transfer2
-- Auto-Revive after gym battles
-- Update pokestops lure icons in real-time on Map
-- Make Auto-Transfer configurable to keep the best pokemon and transfer weaker out from Pokebag
-- Apply autotransfer rules to hatched pokemons
-- Auto-Tutorials finishing (will add UI soon) for Silver donators
-- All configuration should be saved now
-- Add detailed catching conf for pokeball and razzberry usage, based on CP and IV
-- Show eg. 50% IV instead of 0.500
-- Antisoftban mechanics
-- Automatic transfering based on CP
-- Auto transfer based on IV
-- Auto-Drop unwanted items
-- Mass Powerup, Evolve, Transfer, Evolve+Transfer
-- Ignore certain pokemon list
-- Auto-Evolve+Transfer for catched pokemons
-- Saves login username
-- Show the XP/H in main UI
-- Correct max pokemons & items values
-- Pokestops - More info
-- Show total nr of items in the auto-drop UI also
-- Timer-based shutdown/pause/stop
-- Hourly limit pokestop robbing/pokemon catching, currently per 24h are allowed 1000 pokemon catches and 2000 pokestop robbing/looting
-- File based logging
-- Improve looks on High-DPI screens
-- Show pokestop interaction range

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