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Thrift is a virtue and a quality
Thrift is a virtue and a quality that every one of us should have. But today, anytime, anywhere, we can all see the shameful behavior that some people waste. At this time, I can't help but deeply regret those peope, we went out to eat outside the whole family. At the end of the meal, there were still a lot left in the father��s bowl. My sister and I advised my father to eat the food quickly. Don��t waste food, but Dad repeatedly said that he was full and could not eat. It��s as if we are unreasonable, but we never thought about the hard-won food. The poet Li Wei of the Tang Dynasty said, "When the day of the Wohe Day Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the sweat dripped down the earth. Who knows the Chinese food, the grains are hard." Yes, every grain is exchanged for the sweat and blood of the peasant��s uncle. How can we waste it? I have seen such a report: If 1 Marlboro Cigarettes Online.3 billion people in China save a grain of food, then the food saved by these provinces is enough for 50,000 people to eat one day. This is a shocking number. It caple matter, and there are many examples in real life. Such as: timely turn off the faucet, eat the rice clean, do not throw the unused utensils that have not been used or not yet...a walk and saw a child standing in the chair by the glass of a restaurant, stuttering and saying something. At the be of the child and some people have dinner Newport 100S. After the meal, all the leftovers are left to be packaged, but the child feels very embarrassed, so beg the mother not to pack it, so as not to make people laugh. After several disputes, the mother was angry and asked the child to recite the "Shen Nong". The child is stuttered and not very fluent, and there is a grievance in the eyes. After the end of the day, the mother naturally had a bit of a bit of a "big education" for the child. The mother said, "Children, do you know? These dishes are farmers who have worked so hard Cigarettes For Sale, can not spoil them, if they spoil them, they are not Respect the peasant's labor. So we must cherish and not waste a little food." It seems that the child also understands, bowed his head and recognized the wrong mother, this matter has drawn a satisfactory end. te is shameful. As a small master of the 21st century, we must not lose the quality of frugality Marlboro Lights. We should start from bit by bit and be a good citizen who is thrifty and thrifty.

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