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How to maintain the crusher accessories to maximize its service life
Buying a good stone crushing equipment not only pays attention to the crusher price at the time of purchase, but also the daily maintenance work after purchase, which is also the key to greatly increase the service life of the equipment. In the daily operation of the equipment, good operating habits and post-operation maintenance work can maximize the service life of the crusher accessories. Below to explain to you about the daily maintenance of crusher parts related issues.
1. First, when crushing the material, it is necessary to select suitable material crushing according to the crusher's performance. If the material of the broken material is too soft or too hard, it will wear on the parts of the crusher. Especially in the sand stone production line, the materials that need to be broken are more complicated, so it should pay more attention to this problem, when selecting the crusher accessories, To be detailed according to the characteristics of the material.
2. Before the material is broken, it is necessary to conduct a simple screening on the material to prevent the content of fine powder in the material to be broken from being too high. Because if there is too much fine powder in the material, it will affect the conveying speed in the crushing process, because the fine powder will adhere to the conveyor belt, which leads to the material in and out of material speed, reducing the production efficiency, so before crushing the material Simple screening can be done.
3, if you meet the need to crush the viscosity of the material, humidity, temperature, etc., then you need to select different crusher equipment according to the specific circumstances. In the beneficiation equipment, different crusher models are developed for different material characteristics. Therefore, selecting different crusher types can effectively reduce the number of components according to the size of the material moisture content, the temperature difference of the material, and the viscosity of the material. The degree of wear is also the key to improving the service life of the equipment.
4, in the selection of crusher equipment, can not just look at the overall machine performance, appearance, price, etc., the most important thing is to look at the quality of each component of the device. To choose a good crusher, we must choose high-quality, high wear-resistant accessories, so as to play the maximum utilization rate of the crusher.
5. After the material is broken, the particle size of the finished product will also affect the service life of the crusher. The finer the particle size of the material required for crushing, the greater the wear on the crusher parts, because the finer the particle size of the material, the more friction between the material and the fitting, and therefore the greater the wear, which also affects the use of the crusher. The key to life.

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