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Guide to PokeBot.Ninja
(08-25-2016, 11:26 AM)Brandito Wrote: what I find helps is using this:
it gives you the lat & long which you can paste into the map and click show on map, then start from there, usually get the pokemon you click on within 1-30 seconds

Carefull, Click on dragonair, if it was found by Anonymous, its probably bogus!

Found By Trainer: (Anonymous)
Update Needed please.
"So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?" - Mewtwo , Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998)
(08-22-2016, 01:33 PM)Try733 Wrote:
(08-22-2016, 11:03 AM)likeabossthe5th Wrote:
Main settings (Catch Pokemon, Rob Pokestops, Auto Incubate eggs)

These choose what you want the bot to do. The first one chooses whether you want it to Catch Pokemon or not. The second on chooses whether you want it to spin and take things from Poke stops or not (Also takes the XP). The third and final one chooses whether you want it to incubate your eggs or not so that when it is running it will also walk your eggs (This can also be done manually with inventory manager).

Longitude Latitude
This is a very important part of running it. Choosing where your bot runs, now lots of you may ask and I'm quoting here "BUT WHERE CAN I FIND DA GOOD POKEMON" Well all that information can be googled online this is a good website for Longitude and Latitude. But my personal favourite is Long: 73.968094399 Lat: 40.784849726.

Control Base (Radius, Speed and Altitude)
These are also very important, its like the control base centre for the bot. Let's start with Radius so the radius is how far from the start point the bot will go, the maximum is 10 (km) which is what I usually do to get more Poke Stops in my run. Second in line is speed, so be very careful when adjusting this as going too fast may just get you banned. I recommend a speed of about 3 (metres a second). Last and finally is altitude, try not to adjust this too much as it doesn't do too much except change how high the bot is in the air the default was work well so just leave it as is.

Automatically transfer Pokemon (Auto transfer new catches under...)
So what it does is automatically transfer Pokemon under a set CP and/or IV (If you can't edit it uncheck the box, then edit it and recheck it) So you set the amount of CP and IV you want (Leave it blank if you don't want that to be a variable) If you would like to keep delete every Pokemon under the set amount change the 1 to a 0 at the end, but if you would like to keep 1 or more of check Pokemon enter the amount you would like to keep of each Pokemon.

Auto-Drop Items
The name is kinda self-explanatory but what it does is so you set the amount you want of each item and when that item reaches its limit it recycles the item and wait for it to reach its limit again.

Auto Ignore/Keep/Evolve/Transfer a Pokemon
Now this can be helpful if you don't want to keep a certain Pokemon or automatically evolve a certain Pokemon, I try to keep it unchecked as I already automatically transfer based on CP not what Pokemon it is but if you want to Ignore/Keep/Evolve/Transfer a Pokemon automatically then this is here to help you.

These are the statics for your bot, Poke stops robbed, distance walked, eggs hatched etc...

This can be used to see the path you are taking which are like black lines pointing towards different Poke stops, but also to recenter and make different route (Manual path) for your bot.

There is also a log for your bot which shows what is currently happening and is colour coded say red for bad and green for good.

Inventory Manager
This is your inventory manager, you can transfer, evolve, remove your items and even take a look at your Pokedex! (Can now be opened whilst you are doing tasks version 29)

Stop Catching, Start Catching
These are your power buttons, your ying to your yang, your remote to your tv, your coconut to your paper (Makes sense don't judge)
When you press start catching it will begin with all your customised settings and configurations and when you press stop catching it will end all running tasks and you will be able to make any configuration you would like before starting again!

Thank you guys for reading and I hope this helped you! [Image: smile.png] 

Sticked , feel free to mod this guide when you want, and keep it updated. Wink

should that lat/long one of them have a - before ?
Update request for v96.

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