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Banned 4 Ever ??
Have not used bot in a while since around Dec 6,2017  when I got my accounts banned and some accounts got banned with simply just loging in to poke ninja  and not even running the bot. Ninatic really cracked down on boting and oh well nobody to blame but myself I know what I was doing and enjoyed it. It was a good run and poke ninja was the best for me.

-- but anyways botting is dead my accounts got banned around DEC 6,2017 prior to that I had got banned but would be able to login in after 30 days and well now its been over a good 60 day and not able to login into any accounts some had never been banned before. I get the failed server bs. I messaged ninatic on a few accounts got back message that my account will remain terminated bla blah blah. I miss my accounts can not name a new account under my old name says name is taken but anyways should I just give up checking randomly if I am able to login and move on or will they be unbaned  some day. Anybody experiencing the same issue
just forget it. create new account, or leave the game. I lost more than 20 accounts including 9 accounts level 39-40. it's ok for me, that is risk, I know it since first minute I used bot

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