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Sniping gone for good?
Hello, i recently started botting again and i donated to platnium rank. I bot in london and i read that it's safest to snipe local so i found a london live map. But every pokemon i try to snipe flees. I have tried wating hours inbetween snipes but still nothing. I tried to snipe a gyrados 1.1 km away and it still fled. If any one got any idea on how to solve this please feel free to reply to this post.
You are basically soft banned for going to far from where your real location is. It will fix in a few hours but look up how to fix the soft ban when it happens. ?
I'm not getting softbanned, as it will ctach pokemons and loot pokestops right after the pokemon i tried to snipe fled. But i found a fix, or atleast a way around it. I just look at a live map of the city my bot wore last. And when i find the pokemon i want i start up the bot on the excat location the pokemon are. It works, but you can't bot at the same time

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