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About Caught by Sniper (PokeBot)
Hi Guys, im new here, how are yours? 
Before anything, sorry my english haha
So, I cannot caught Pokemon for Sniper, in the Pokebot, here have any manual for help me?
All times the Pokebot after try caught, show me the message: Cacth Flee, strange for me,
because, Pokebot find the pokemon, but dont caught him.

Can who help me, in this question? haha
Thanks buddy`s.
See ya
dont use bot-sniper because you have to transfer pokemon you snipe later, all pokemon caught by bot will be remark by a red slash by Niantic, cannot be use in game
do snipe by spoof apps such as pogo 2++ or tutu pokemon go
The Pokebot Ninja was taking ban with 3 hours of use, was this fixed?

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