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Random bot rest and proper use of lucky egg
I think we are trying to emulate human like actions. Can you please add random bot rest? Like me for instance cannot do a straight 1 hour walk. And I believe it is one of niantic filters in catching human pokebots. Smile

No need to include options to put an x amount of time for the bot to rest. A human like rest random would do. One example is putting a 10 to 15 minute break per an hour.

Also, it would be favorable to put a configuration in adding an x amount of can be evolved pokemon before it uses lucky egg and starts evolving them all. But the bot should locate a safe place and rest there and never do any action while evolving. And putting pause as well on any pokemon before we make it a candy after catching it. Or better yet delay then pause. Smile

Thank you.

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any thoughts please?

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(08-22-2016, 01:46 AM)dezmay Wrote: any thoughts please?

He has said MANY times, that he has plans to include timers. That is one of the many things on his TO-DO list.
I keep my botting time to around 2 hours per session, BUT.....I honestly don't think that time is something that Niantic is looking at. I say this because there are MANY MANY people who have spent many days in a row, hunting legitimately for hours on end. I've done it myself. There are people here in my town who are playing all day every day. And their accounts are fine. There are a hundred ways that Niantic can detect bots. I just don't think time is one of those ways. the meantime, it's easy to take breaks manually. Just stop the bot, and do some inventory management. If you're leaving the program running while you aren't there to control it, simply set your pc to shut down at a certain time.
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Yup, times in the todo list, also updated the sticky thread in the forum with more details.
whether this has been realized...?

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