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Bot broken? or bossland API?

Played with my 1st account with this bot this morning, and managed to run it for over an hour.

Then suddenly the bot won't spin any pokestops and catch any mons. Let it run for another 30 minutes, and problem persists.

I then kill the bot, relaunch it, and log in using my 2nd account. Click on "Start Catching" button, and below error appear:

[Image: M8ih0kkITue_1oJbAr1tjQ.png]

Opening the map shows no pokestops detected. Any idea what is wrong?
Your account was banned
(10-27-2017, 09:05 AM)allen.jan Wrote: Your account was banned

No warning? My previous 3 accounts had some sort of warning appears after logging into the bot.

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