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Login with gmail and others
Hi guys, i'm using the 112 version but i'm not able to login with a gmail account right now, do you have the same problem? I'm able to enter in the email box but not in pokebotninja.
Last question, for accounts like or and others, how can i enter?
Thank you
I have the same problems. I have several accounts and all of them do not work at the moment. A few hours ago it worked.
I think Niantic has a new way to detect botted accounts. They can see that your ip-adress doesn't fit to the location the bot is farming.
i had the same problem yesterday and after several trys i could login, but now i tried again and saw that all acc got a bot warning... i used proxies for every account an everything that was available to not being banned but i still got banned with 4 accounts
no one has idea how to login in pokebotninja with @live account?

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