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How to Judge the Quality of Raymond Mill?
Raymond mill is widely used in small and medium-sized mines, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, refractories, pharmaceuticals, cement and other industries. Raymond mill is suitable for grinding of various materials, mainly used for kaolin, limestone, calcite, marble, barite and gypsum. It is very popular in the ore industry. There are many kinds of Raymond mills. How to judge the quality of Raymond mill and select a high quality grinding equipment?

How to Judge the Quality of Raymond Mill?
1. Observing the grinding parts of the working chamber, the main grinding parts of the Raymond mill are the roller assembly and the ring. There are normal wear and tear in the roller assembly. However, the quality of the roller assembly determines the maintenance rate of the whole Raymond mill. Therefore, the roller assembly in the working chamber is the key problem that should be paid attention to. This part is the high maintenance rate of the later Raymond mill.

2. Comparing the plate thickness of Raymond mill equipment is very important. The plate thickness determines the service life of Raymond mill equipment and the stable type of operation of Raymond mill. Some equipment is worn out before long. On the one hand, the material problem is more important. On the other hand, the plate thickness is too low, so the user must pay attention to when choosing Raymond mill equipment.

3. Raymond mill equipment price, more than a few Raymond mill manufacturers, not greedy for small and cheap, choose the right price.

4. Compare the strength of Raymond mill manufacturers, after-sales service, etc.

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