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Brainstorm (Why are we getting banned?)
(12-08-2016, 02:38 PM)CeeJay Wrote: what ive done with other games ( like silkroad online etc) i was buying a small amound of silk every 2 months and i was botting 24/7. same iam doing with pokemon go. i buy the lowest amount of coins every two months. as idea i give you a bit of money so you let me bot. at least thats the idea. seems to work until now =) but can't tell 100% sure its because of that ofc.

running 3 bots, at the same time, at pier 39, lvl 31,33 and 28 botting 5 hours a time with a break of a hour on v64.

well see whats gonna happen =)

have banned 2 accounts i used to bought some coins...
The algorithm Niantic use to detect and ban accounts is likely to be automated.  Spending money in it is unlikely to save it.  It's like "I'll bribe you a few coins to allow me to cheat".  If it works, then everyone will be doing it.
Here's my experience...
- Main Lv24 (BANNED): Played legit until lv16 (took about 3 weeks) then botted to lv24 (took a little more than 1 week). Used all options of the bot (kill-switch, auto-drop, auto-ignore, auto-incubate, manual path entries, etc.) I was new to the bot so I did some careless teleporting at first. Jumped to California for a bit, waited a few hours, then jumped to Australia for a whole day. Got the region-locked Pokemon. Slept. More experience with the bot and take some advice from other botters. Went to Japan next day and stayed for 2 days to get the region-locked. Next day, set bot in New York, 2-3 days. Soft bans were frequent and bot was on 4-5 hours at a time. I would use Pokemon Go on my phone (after a 1-3 hour wait after using the bot) without GPS location to change up my buddies. It’s vacation time now so bots are not in use and I play on my phone. Took over a gym at the airport, put my pokemon down. Legit flew to Cayman Islands. Open app to find my account suspended. Sent ban appeal.

- Second Lv22 (ACTIVE): Created a long time ago but account was inactive at lv1, then botted all the way to lv22 (took little more than 1 week). Bot options are all the same as my main. Less adventurous with this one, didn’t go out of North America. Parked account in New York and ran bot 4-5 hours at a time. Less soft bans than main but didn’t wait before relocating bot. Same situation with the Pokemon buddy on this account. Same situation with taking over the gym but no ban.

In my situation, bans seem to correlate with jumping out of the country and getting region-locked Pokemon and soft bans. Gyms may or may not be related with the ban since my main was not banned before parking one of my Pokemon at a gym but my second account was fine. Hope this is more information in the pot. I may edit this post once my brain is less dead.
Hope you guys aren't using the same screen name or email as your Pokemon Go account on these forums.
In reading the messages, my results may be confusing.  I have a level 33 account (just got there) and I try to do all the things that were mentioned above with a few exceptions.

I do use the bot for training and fighting at gyms, 'cause its easier
I try to limit to no more than 2 hours a day and I break that up into smaller pieces if I can
At the end of the day, i try to play a few minutes on my phone hoping the last thing you do legit in case they look to see what api you are using or some other bot related junk they are tracing.
That's about the only changes

in total I have 6 accounts most are about level 22 - 27.  None have been banned now running for over 2 months.
My advice would be:
Stick to slow speeds, don't teleport unless you have time to get there.

I haven't used sniping because i once had pokemons that you could only get on another content when I snipped.  I thought that might be one way we were getting detected for a ban so I deleted all those and am just running local.
(09-07-2016, 03:09 AM)calvinss Wrote: I have bot 4 accounts to level 30 without being ban, here's my advise.

1. 1 IP only can have 2 bots running, I tested that, if you have 3 or more you will get softban in a very short time.

2. keep all your bots at the same place less than 1-2km apart, I think it is common sense that if your bot share 1 IP, they shouldn't be apart or at the other side of the world.

3. Don't bot outside your location, an IP usually have geo location registered and can be easily checked, how you could use an IP in US bot in Asia (Tokyo Disney Land???) Don't do silly things

4. Don't walk too fast and too long, if you walk like 6-10m/s means 36 km/hour and you bot that for 8 hours? Humans won't walk/drive 300 km in the same place with a constant speed ! I rotate accounts every random hours, prepare for later pokemon trading. You will eventually able to pass all good pokemons into one.

5. Change your walking speed everytime and make it random, if you always use 6.0 or 4.0 you are not human. try 3.67 or 5.32

6. Change Device ID everytime for every accounts, you know it is not possible to have the same Device ID running more than 1 account, or the same device ID jumping locations. If you want to jump locations for really really rare pokemon, change your device ID.

this is solid advice. thank you
"6. Change Device ID everytime for every accounts, you know it is not possible to have the same Device ID running more than 1 account, or the same device ID jumping locations. If you want to jump locations for really really rare pokemon, change your device ID."

Where is everyone finding these Device ID settings, I don't see it anywhere?
Change Device ID everytime is NOT a good idea!
How many phones do you have as a real person?

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