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I can't use SNIPE!
I have problem about SNIPE!
The first time , i use it but failed to catch same i got softban. , please tell me how to use SNIPE! thoroughly.
Manuel snipe use a site like get cordenidets and put it in like Golem 45.373637 57.3737373 hit phrase and snipe. Make sure you have not been on for at least 2 hours and stat your bot manually in the disried location bedore hand. Then log out for 2 hours and do it again

1. Make sure tou been logged off for at least two hours. Get on choose pokemon and copy cordenidets

2. Open bot and stat it in that location then stop it

3. Open manual snipe type in pokemons name and location hit phrase and then hit snipe.

4. Log off for 2 hours and do it again

If you dont wait 2 hours you will be soft banned. If you dont start and stop bot near pokemons location you will be soft banned.  Type in snipeing location from like this Marill 35.735240   139.792968
Hope this helps
This will definitely get you banned just sniping all around the world. Find a live map of the city you bot in. Such as
Oh, yikes, good to know!

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