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PBN servers down error when running vpn
I just started using PBN yesterday and I did not see this particular issue in the forums so please forgive me if this has been addressed already.  

Here is my problem, yesterday I was able to log in to my ptc account with PBN while running Tunnelbear VPN connected to New Zealand, everything was going fine. Hit my target level of 20 middle of the night and kill switch closed the app, as it should.  Today when i connected I was able to login with a Google account connected to Japan with tunnelbear and everything was fine.  Realized i was searching the island of hong kong, not japan, for farfetchd and so i closed that account and when i attempted to connect again with a different active account I get login error servers down or wrong login info in red letters across the top of the opening, but only if I have tunnelbear running, if I disconnect tunnelbear the login goes off w/o a hitch.  Am I missing something? I tried turning on tunnelbear after successful login and it gives me all sorts of nasty red messages about actions failing.  Please help me out.
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