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Suggestions For New Update - Varied Speed & Pokestop Out Of Range Kill-Switch
Suggestions For New Update - Varied Speed & Pokestop Out Of Range Kill-Switch

If the bot was able to vary between movement speeds, that may make it look more like a human.

Also if we get the "Pokestop Out Of Range" a certain number of times it kills it too. 

I feel they can tell it's a bot just by being able to move at a constant pace all the time and for hours. 

Hope this makes sense Big Grin
I agree with your suggestion about varied speed too look more human like. It's not like a real human rides a bike at 15km/h for 2 hours in a row on busy streets at all the times. That should be very easy for niantic to detect if they want. They might not look for that at this moment, but maybe later.

How to implement that too look more legit is another question. A few different ideas:
1. You can choose different speeds at different streets (if you choose a specific route and you know that it's uphill at one street, then you might want to slow down the speed at that street)

2. Just automatic change speed every YY seconds. Like speed is 20km/h with variation of 20% up and down.

3. Another idea is too slow down by 50% 20meters before every pokestop or something like that.
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