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How do I hit lvl30?
Hey guys! Big Grin
I'm new at ninjabot, but I already love it!
Can someone tell me how to get to lvl 30 without getting banned? And if an account is banned, how do I see this? 

Thx a lot! Smile
There are three types of bans. Soft ban, shadow ban, and actual ban.

The soft ban means that your account won't interact with the game much. Usually if you give it a day or so it'll get past this. Alternatively, you can log in and manually spin a pokestop between 30 and 40 times. This means logging in, selecting a pokestop, spin, close, select, spin, close, etc... 30 times or more.

Shadowbans May go away too, but in my experience they are just a day or so away from a full ban. A shadow ban means you can't see anything other than most common pokemon.
Ah ok thank you! Smile
I can see in the bot if I have a ban?

And which settings do I have to go with to get to the 30 without problems?

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