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The Version 103 for 0.67.1 Now
hi hi a little Joke, but i hope it comes fast, the event of chicago is running.
forget it, IMO - PBN rip
IMO - PBN ?? Sorry What?

PGBOT - Online on 0.67.1    Cool Cool Cool Cool  Cool Cool
Gomanager - Online on 0.67.1   Wink Wink Wink Wink

But the best Ninja - Offline   Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
I have updated the links on download page so 102+ is available that has newer API and also PTC login fixed.
Working or more stuff.
still couldn't log in..
I cant log in too. License is wasting time ..
gym doesn't Work ?
No, gyms don't work in v103.

It's a big rework that needs to be done, so give Mr.Ninja time to get it fixed.
Be happy you have a working bot with latest API support. Smile for now.
The bot uses old API (not 0.69.0) and works however it is not completely safe.
If you play human-like you can lower your risk a bit.
how can i fix this problem?

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