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A way to reduce bans....(Theoretical)(Suggestion)
Hello @MrNinja
I posted this on discord suggestions as well but I'm posting it here also...
Some support helpers and some other people told me that you are working on the DETECTABILITY ISSUES.
I don't know if you have thought of this or not but still I'm posting this...

- A speed variable....
Let's say our speed is 5 m/s and we put the value of SPEED VARIABLE as 50. Then while walking, the speed should decrease gradually to 50% of the initial value (here 5, so the speed would change from 5 to 4(stay 4 some time) to 3(stay 3 some time) to 2.5( stay 2.5 for some time)) and then again increase to 5 in the same manner. 

I don't know about java but in C++ we use the randomise() function to generate DIFFERENT random values each time. If you can implement this feature as well, it would make the bot very much human like. 
So like, the speed would change maybe from 5 to 3 then to 3.5 then to 4 then to 3 etc and follow this approach each cycle but with different values.
That is all I wanted to say... 
Thank you...
(Sorry for long post)

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