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The bot catches to quick compared to real life
The bot catches to quick compared to real life

Some suggestions for that:
- An option to set a min and max time interval between catches.
- Set the amount of pokemon to catch wihin a given time (bot wil then spread the catches over the set time)
- Variable speed (set a min and max speed, bot will move with a variable speed between those values)
- Slower transffer and evolve times (takes longer, but in real it also takes longer, we are not robots)
- possibility to select pokemons the bot will catch or ignore according to a random decission, this will catch these pokemon or ignore them in random, in real you don't catch every pidgy or ratatta, but you do when there's nothing else or ignore when there are others to catch or you ignore if your storage is almost full etc...
- Or randomly ignore some very very common pokemon!

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