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Today we conducted an experiment.
And the same time.
In the same place.
Bot catches 2 times more pokemon than not a bot.
(06-07-2017, 07:01 AM)have you had any that survived? I am wondering as I have tried different configurations and nothing seems to be working at this point, in fact they seem to catch warnings faster than before. I guess maybe if you limit what kinds of pokemon you catch you can keep the catch per distance ratio low, but I still think that the consistent timing of everything the bot does is what gives it away. Wrote:
(06-07-2017, 06:33 AM)justfred123 Wrote: yes there seems to be, lost 10 out of 10 although stopped shortly after the shadowban started. Guess they are picking and choosing who lives and who dies. It seems the bot programmers are going to have to change the bots to be more sporadic moving, maybe use varying times when catching, fighting, etc. I am not the great people who made this program, and I am sure they are on it already.

I think it's all in the ratio of the distance traveled and the number of caught pokémon.

Experience shows that catches more.
Mine still works(for now) lvl 36 got the bot warning and I'm definitely shadowbanned.Using the bot for 1h30min (5-8km),2-3 times a day only in my area with random paths,battling gyms,using different speeds,also ignoring to catch anything except rare and common pokemon which I can grind for faster experience gaining,and few times per day I log in from my phone.Also not using snipe.

My luck is that I have stopped botting with my high level account (lv39) because it was shadow banned. Shadowban was released 10 days after i have stopped. My account was unflagged 3 days after and is still alive.
Now all of my other accounts are banned. (lv33 and lv37 - flagged and shadow banned). Played as human as possible with it to test how far I can go.
My Day 1 personal account got banned.
Combined with their exceptionally poor management of features and extreme difficulty of making any meaningful advancement in the real-world, I'm done with this game.
I can't trust bossland either, my credit card information was stolen by them last time and over $300 in fraudulent iTunes purchases were made.


I never even got a single shiny magikarp.

[Image: MJJt5Oj.png]
You knew you never ever should have used your personal account to bot.
Every account you bot gets a ban risk.
1 out of 10 of my accounts got banned.......and 7 had the warning messages
Banwave is still going on
today 4 more accounts got banned 2 had a warning, 2 had no warning or shadowban (i could still catch rares on those account 2 days ago)
(06-07-2017, 08:39 AM)Pegger Wrote: All ShadowBanned accounts but not all Accounts with warnings got banned
- 78 accounts from 100 got banned
- From those 78 some accounts i haven't used for 2 months some even 3 months
- No sniping used
- Gym Fighting: yes only on 10 accounts
- Botting: yes daily
- Botting Outside my Country: 15
- Collecting Coins: 7
- Buying from store: 7
- Captchas: a few
- Warning: a few
- Shadowbanned: a few

Those that where not banned:
- Gym Fighting: Yes, 5
- Botting daily: Yes, all 12
- Botting Outside my Country: 5
- Collecting Coins: Yes, all 12
- Buying from store: Yes, all 12
- Captchas: 3
- Warning: 2
- Shadowbanned: None

Spoofing Accounts on smartphone (3): (Never used in bot)
- All survived, no warnings, no shadowbans, no captcha's

Switching accounts on smartphone (Never used in bot)
- No bans, all OK
How do you resolve captchas? It's very annoyng to log in on phone everytime
I'm always behind my computer (work related) and solve them as they pop-up
I don't run bots when i'm not behind my computer

All accounts with captcha are in a seperate folder, so i know what accounts have them

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