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Pokebot.Ninja Premade Routes + HowTo Import/Export.
Since @haunter26 made Ninja Utilities with the possibility to export/import routes from your Pokebot.Ninja account ("ninja.json" file)
I like to start a thread to swap routes with each others.

How it works:

- You must have already at least 1 premade route in your account!!!

- Get Ninja Utilities: (Not made by me)
- Install (sorry, windows only)
- Make a folder for your routes (For example: PBNRoutes)
- Extract the downloaded route to your folder (For example: x:\PBNRoutes\route01.PBNPath)
- You can now also edit the name of the route with Notepad++ or any other (this name will show up under "Select a pre-saved path")
- Open Ninja Utilities
- Go to TAB Insert paths
- Click "Open PATH" and select your route you like to import
- Click on "Copy into" and select the ninja.json file of the account you like to have the downloaded route in
- Click on "INSERT Path" to import the route
- Repeat if needed for more accounts
- Open your Pokebot Ninja with the account you imported the route
- Happy botting on your new route!

Here's a screenshot:

[Image: ninjatool.png]

(To export a route, click the TAB "Extract paths" screenlayout speaks for itself how to do it, just make sure you already have made a folder to save your routes in.)

Some other usefull tips:

- It would be nice, if you post routes, to keep a standard posting format like below;
- A small screenshot is always helpfull but not needed

Quote:Route Name: 
- Country: 
- Place: 
- Starting Point: 
- Lat and Long starting point: 
- Km: 
- Auto generated route:
- Follow roads where possible: 
- Parks included: 
- Nearby water: 
- Pokestops: 
- Gyms on the road: 
- XP/h, between: 

Ok here i go:
1st route: France, Paris

Route Name: Paris Premade 01.PBNPath
- Country: France
- Place: Paris, 1st arrondissement
- Starting point: Place du Marché Saint-Honoré
- Lat and Long starting point: 48.866556826 / 2.331912518
- Km: 26.274Km
- Auto generated route: No
- Follow roads where possible: Yes
- Parks included: Yes
- Nearby water: Partially, Yes
- Pokestops: Yes, plenty!
- Gyms on the road: Yes
- XP/h, between: 20.000 / 25000 (Could be higher/lower, it all depends on your speed, pokedex entries, Auto Evolve, Auto Transffer, Pokeballs you use to catch, etc...)

[Image: paris_01.png]

Attached Files
.zip   Paris Premade (Size: 12.16 KB / Downloads: 24)

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