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Multiple speed and pokestop options
Not sure how Niantic spot bots, but it would be good to be able to vary walking speeds of the bot. So you put a range in and it varies every x seconds?
Also the ability to skip poke stops.  Enable the feature, then a value of x and it stops at every x stop?

Perhaps another way to combat it?
I wonder is the movement speed of the bot is constant (exactly as it is set, ex.1.500 m/s) or variable (ex. if the speed is set 1.500 m/s, the bot moves 1.300-1.700 m/s)?

It would be good for the bot to move at variable speed, more naturally. He could also stop from time to time, at irregular intervals, for no reason. When creating a path, it should be possible to add stop points with a stopping time (in seconds). The point is that the stopping time was not constant, imposed from above.

My idea seems to be similar to the above, so I decided not to create a new thread.

Bearing in mind Shadowban, it would be good to make changes that will make certain bot actions not regular, easy to detect (ex. to create a straight path, the bot should move with small deviations of 1-2 meters left and right).

Sorry for my english, but it's not my mother tongue.
I see someone beat me to the punch, lol. I know very limited programming, but it seems to me maybe use variables in different parts of the game, mainly movement, throwing of balls, etc. One other thing also might be having the bot stop when catching a pokemon if it doesn't already. Another thing I once saw on another bot was the option that you could have the bot take "breaks" while botting, in other words instead of running 8 hours straight it would stop every couple hour or so for 10, 20 or whatever minutes you set it to take a break for. I am sure the programmers are working on it though so we just have to be patient. Believe me this is war at this point!!!!

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