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Noc's Guide to Pokebot.Ninja - v99
NinjaBot is, hands down, the elite of Pokemon Go management apps including full botting, sniping (with auto feed), and gym battling.

When you first launch the app, you get the basic login screen....

[Image: PB-StartupScreen.jpg]

For the main part, this screen is fairly self explanatory.  Enter your account and password, tick the box to remember it, and paste your API license in the appropriate boxes.  If you don't have an API license yet, click the BUY button to get one.  For up to 4 accounts botting, you can get away with a 150rpm license; if you're going to hit gyms, know that only 2 accounts can be battling a gym at any given time under 150rpm license, so you might want to get two.  They're only 3.95 which is about $4.50 in US currency.

Choosing the size of license to buy is both a bit of math as well as preference.  If you intend to run multiple sessions at one time, you'll need enough rpm to cover the requests that will be going through the hashing servers.  Each botting session will use 20-30rpm at any given time, so a 150rpm license will get you through 4 sessions with a little padding.  You can always go up to the 13.95, 500rpm license but it actually doesn't work out to be as cost effective as simply buying two 150rpm licenses.  Gyms can hit up 75 or more rpm, so the bigger license may make sense if you intend to hit gyms.  (Or...two 150rpm licenses to drive a total of 4 attackers at once, which is usually enough.)

You'll see a button called, "Proxy" in the lower left corner.  This is a decision you'll need to make - play on your regular IP or hide your IP through a proxy.

[Image: PB-ProxySetup.jpg]

Setting this up is fairly straightforward.  If you pay for a service, you'll have a username and password; if you use a free proxy (such as those listed at you won't.  Click the "Test" button to see if it's working and how well it hides your IP.  When you're done, click the save button.

Next, let's look at the Device Emulator configuration.

[Image: PB-DeviceCfg.jpg]
[Image: PB-DeviceSelectCfg.jpg]

Your device data is transmitted to the server, so you want it to be unique.  Click the pull down to pick a device type; it doesn't really matter which you choose.  Then click the "Generate Random" button to generate a random device ID.  Save this value.  (NOTE: You must have a different device ID for each account you bot.)

Now I'm going to assume you've donated to the cause and handed over a little cash love to the author of this app.  Click on the graphic in the upper left corner.  This is where you'll register your copy...

[Image: PB-DonationScreen.jpg]

...and configure the "Premium Settings"....

[Image: PB-Premium.jpg]

There are three biggies here - the volume (yes, you get sound effects), all the checkboxes (leave them all checked) and the 2Captcha key.  (BTW - Do NOT tick those last two boxes.)

As the game plays, it will likely encounter the occasional Captcha; those annoying "I am not a robot" pop ups designed to stop this very sort of thing.  Go to 2Captcha.Com and get yourself an account, toss a few bucks into it (5 will do) and put your key in the app.  2Captcha will automagically respond to the captcha requests for you, in realtime, at a rate of something like a penny each or less.

We're ready to login to the app and configure the individual botting, sniping, and gym features.  Click the Login button and you'll get the base console dialog...

[Image: PB-BaseConsole.jpg]

Lots going on here but, again, it's all fairly self-explanatory.  The top of the app gives you stats about your account; if you're loading a new account, this will all be zeroes, of course.  Two things here to note - you can change your Username, Buddy, and Team by clicking the appropriate links in the header of this dialog.  In each case, another dialog box will launch so you can choose or type in the requisite value.

The next section is where you'll configure the bot's AI.  BTW2 - you did donate to get Radioactive status already, right?  If not, click the "Donate" button and toss 20 bucks Mr. Ninja's way.

You'll see I have most of the checkboxes ticked; this is because I do full-on botting for my test accounts.  I have it catch Pokemon, spin Pokestops, incubate eggs, maintain inventory, and even  evolve lower level Pokemon that are really just good for XP.  Since these are automated sessions, the Kill Switch is particularly important; I want the app to stop when it hits certain limits, after all.

Let's go one by one through these, starting with "Catch Pokemons".

[Image: PB-PokemonCfg.jpg]

This dialog allows you to choose how the bot will catch each Pokemon it encounters.  You can override the use of balls and choose which to use depending upon the IVs of the Pokemon.  You can also choose which berry to use.  For example, I might want to always use an ultraball and razzberry when I encounter a Tyranitar, but only use a regular ball and no berries if it's a Pidgey; this is where I would set that up.  Initially, you can just go with the defaults here or you can start to tinker right away.

The Pokestops dialog is short and sweet...

[Image: PB-PokestopCfg.jpg]

I have terrible luck with lured stops so I don't use them.  The default for this is unchecked as well.

Egg incubation is also pretty simple.

[Image: PB-EggsCfg.jpg]

I want to auto-incubate any eggs I get but I only want the bot to use the infinite incubator on 2km eggs.  I might go in and use limited incubators myself on 2km eggs...I'd rather not let the bot make that decision.  You can always start eggs incubating manually from the inventory manager as well.

Auto Drop and Auto Ignore/Keep/Evolve/Transfer set up how NinjaBot will auto-manage your inventory, including the Pokemon it catches.  There is also a separate, "Auto-Transfer, option that works in conjunction with the Auto Ignore/Keep/Evolve/Transfer configuration.  Here's what they all look like and do...

[Image: PB-AutoDropCfg.jpg]

Your items bag can only hold 350 items to start.  As a new player, you want to focus on having enough balls to catch Pokemon; revives and potions aren't too important.  So, you configure to keep lots of balls and less revives/potions.  Later on, when you start playing the gym game, you keep less balls and more revives/potions.

[Image: PB-AutoIEKTCfg.jpg]

[Image: PB-AutoFunctions.jpg]

Managing your catch inventory is just as important.  You have a 250 Pokemon capacity; some you might always want to keep (like Gastly and Abra/Kadabra for the Gastly strat, or the big gym defenders) while there are others that are really just XP fodder (like Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle, Natu, Sentret, and Spinarak).  Here you configure whether to flat out ignore some types, keep them, evolve them, or transfer them outright.

Below this you'll see an Auto-Transfer checkbox.  This works in tandem with the Auto I/E/K/T.  You can set the app to always transfer anything not being kept and base it by IV or even a combination of CP, Level, and IV.

One last biggie - your kill switch...

[Image: PB-KillSwitchCfg.jpg]

There are limits to how many stops you can spin and Pokemon you can catch; this is the case regardless of whether you're using a third party app or the official app itself.  Likewise, you should limit the distance you walk in a single session and have the app quit if it reaches bag capacity, a new API is forced, or a new version of the app is released.  NinjaBot knows to not spin stops when the items bag is full, but you can put a value here as well if you like.

That's it!  Your NinjaBot is now configured and ready to go!  Now you just need to put in your starting coordinates, movement pace, and start catching.

[Image: PB-Coords.jpg]

Where you bot is up to you.  I typically stayed local (downtown or nests) but other players go all over the world.  Just remember to account for travel time if you move from place to place.  Ninjabot will travel within a pre-defined radius so you want to plug in a lat/long coordinate pair that is the center of a circle.  If you need to get a better idea of what the range would look like, use the radius tool at FreeMapTools.Com; give it coordinates, pick a radius, and it literally draws it on a map for you.

The pace you select is reflective of how fast you want to get around.  A lot of bots seem to like 3m/s; personally, I think that's too fast.  The average person only walks about 1.4m/s; 3m/s is a REALLY brisk walk, or even a jog.  My preferred setting here is 1.2-1.4.

Now click the "Map" button.

[Image: PB-Map.jpg]

In the lower right-hand corner, you'll see "Google API Key".  Click the link and you'll be taken to the site where you can generate a free map key.  This is necessary for the map to work and you'll want to copy it out to a text file or spreadsheet somewhere.

The map allows you to choose where your range will center itself.  In this example, we're in Manhattan, at the park.  If you click, "Start/Regenerate", the bot will begin its game where the red pin is located.  It goes out to the game servers, pulls down a map of stops, and auto-generates a route between the stops, catching Pokemon along the way.  If you like, you can create your own path and even have it adhere to mapped streets and pathways by selecting "Start manual entry".  If you create a path you want to reuse, be sure to save it BEFORE you hit "Confirm & Start".

You can also move around on the map by dragging or using the arrow keys on your keyboard.  The manual entry is particularly useful when you play the gym game; you can zoom in on a gym, pin the gym, then walk to it and click the "Stop" button when you're on top of it.

Back on the base, console dialog.  You'll see "Start Catching" and "Stop Catching" buttons.  You can use these when you want to pause/restart the bot.  If you want to manage your inventory, you'll have to stop the bot to do anything (drop, transfer, evolve, favorite, etc).

Speaking of managing your inventory, there are three tabs of interest here....

[Image: PB-MIPokemon.jpg]

You can manage your entire Pokemon inventory from this screen.  Everything you need to know about your Pokemon is right on this screen - favorite status, name, gender, level, CP, IVs, even current HP (bright red if feinted), attacks, candies you have, candies you need to evolve, and even when you caught them.  The menu below acts on Pokemon you select to power them up, heal them, and so forth.  (Worth noting - when you select Pokemon, they stay selected; even if you do something on them.)  You can do mass transfers here too.  The buttons on the right allow you to power-up, evolve, or transfer individual Pokemon.

One button I'll mention separately is the "Mass Heal" button.  You select all your feinted Pokemon then click this button and you'll get a dialog that lets you select the order in which revives and potions will be used...

[Image: PB-MassHealCfg.jpg]

Be careful what you choose here; you don't want to be using regular potions to heal a Blissey if you can avoid it!

There's also a screen to manage eggs...

[Image: PB-MIEggs.jpg]

This shows you when you caught the egg, what kind of egg it is, and if it is in an incubator or not yet.  You can also manually choose to start incubating.

Lastly, there's the items manager...

[Image: PB-MIItems.jpg]

Here you see what you have in your current inventory.  You can drop items and use things like Incense or Lucky Eggs.

The other two tabs show you the current state of your Pokedex and any medals you've earned.

Last but not least, you can shop right from the bot if you have any Pokecoins...

[Image: PB-Shop.jpg]

Anything you can afford will be colored; click the item, then "Purchase" and it will be added to your inventory.

That's the configuration and basic usage of the app.  Let's move on to the REAL fun - sniping and gyms.

Sniping is one of the features where this app really shines.  There are feeds available in Discord (like PokeDex100) that will provide coordinates to high IV, hard to find, and other Pokemon all around the world.  Many come from scanners but others are provided by players.  Ninjabot supports both manual sniping and an auto-sniping feature that comes with the Radioactive version.

[Image: PB-SnipeManual.jpg]

The defaults on this screen are generally good, but I do recommend setting a sniping cooldown of 300 seconds.  You can go for less if you like (or more) but this one seems to work well for me and it allows regular catch-time in between snipes.

For manual sniping, you just put one or more Pokemon in the big, open box, then click "Parse" and "Snipe".  The format is "PokemonName Lattitude, Longitude".  For example...

[Image: PB-SnipeManual2.jpg]

NinjaBot tells you how far away the Pokemon is too; that way, you can stay in-country if you like.  Once you click the "Snipe" button, the app will continue to play its regular game, pausing to snipe every 300 seconds (5 minutes).  The snipe is a teleport, start-catch, return, finish catch; just like regular spoofers do it.

Radioactive donators get the option of AUTO sniping as well...

[Image: PB-SnipeAuto.jpg]

The app is configured to pull a feed from one of the scanning groups.  Here you can have it just finish off your Pokedex, or you can have it hunt for things you need/want.  For example, if you're into the gym game, you'll want the four top defenders - Blissey, Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Snorlax.  Choose each, one at a time, and add them tot he sniping list.  Next, choose the minimum and maximum IV and how far out you want the auto-sniper to go.  Click "Start" and walk away; NinjaBot will do the rest.

Of course, sniping is one of the more prevalent ban dangers, but you're probably not worried about that because you know you'll likely be losing this account in a month anyway.  Since it only takes a few days to build a solid account anyway, a lot of players don't worry about it.  Your call.

The final feature is probably the most powerful (and despised) of them all - managing gyms.  Contrary to popular belief, there are no apps that do everything for you; even NinjaBot.  You still have to select your attack squad, point them at the gym, manage revives/potions, and train gyms up.  The bot just does the grunt work of the actual attacking.  When you click the "Gym" button, you get the following dialog:

[Image: PB-GymMgr.jpg]

This is your basic, Gym Manager screen.  It shows you nearby gyms and, if you pick one, details about the gym and any defenders.  (You also collect coins each day from this screen.)  A nice feature recently added is information on your revives and potions.  First thing to take note of are the check box items - "Endless Battle" will just keep reviving/healing then attacking.  "Auto-Use Lucky Egg" will keep using those Lucky Eggs for maximum XP (especially useful if you want to strat a new account).  The last item, "Attack Only *** Pokemon" lets you restrict how many defenders your squad will attack before it quits (and starts over, if you have Endless Battle ticked).

If you find a gym you want to attack, you get close to it (10m is really best), then select it and click the "Attack" button.  You'll get a dialog asking you what you want to deploy when you win the gym over...

[Image: PB-GymDeploy.jpg]

...then another where you form up your attack squad...

[Image: PB-GymAttackSquad.jpg]

Click the "Attack" button on this dialog and your attack begins!

[Image: PB-GymActive.jpg]

The Gym Manager dialog will show you the progress of your attack, live as it unfolds.  You'll see your attacker and it's specs alongside of the defender and its specs (as well as owner).  The timer ticks down as your attack squad works its way through the defender then resets on the next defender.  Just like a regular gym battle, this one will go from defender to defender until either the defenders are all defeated or your attack squad is completely fainted.  There's no dodging here, no swapping out Pokemon before they lose all their HP...these are limitations of the automated attack sequence.  When it's all said and done, and you win the gym, NinjaBot will automatically deploy the Pokemon you told it to deploy earlier.  (Alternatively, you can click "Refresh" then "Deploy" to deploy your own manually.)

To train the gym up, you follow the same basic process but click "Train" instead of "Attack".  If you're going to strat the gym up, be sure to tick the "Attack Only 1 Pokemon" box.   If prestiging against regular Pokemon, you'll want to keep your attack squad to about half the average of the gym (know that the highest CP Pokemon you choose is the one that the formula uses to determine how many prestige points you get).

And there you have it - a tutorial in setup and use of the most complete, third party, Pokemon Go app in the wild.  Standard warning here - never, ever use a third party app on your main account.  These apps operate outside the gamer guidelines and accounts used with them are typically banned; some sooner, some later.  Sometimes it's just fun to push the envelope a bit.  As new updates come out, I'll sneak back and update this posting as well.  

Happy hunting!
Very nice guild.
Finally I figure out where to find the buttons for using Incense and Lucky Egg. Wish u could post this guild before the double XP eventSmile
Thank u so much!
Nice guide

One thing i want to say about premium options:

- Do not collect level-up rewards automaticlly
- Do not complete tutorial automaticlly

I also do recommand not using them if you don't need it, especially the tutorial part i would not skip.
- You pick your starter
- You pick your username (Not setting your username can trigger captch faster)
- later on when you are level 5 you can pick your team (this is not really needed, unless you battle gyms)

But it would be nice if you included it in your tutorial for those that want to use it anyway (like i do)
IF you want some nice battle accounts: "Do not collect level-up rewards automaticlly" is a must.

- There's no problem using this, it's not a ban/captcha trigger.
- When you use this option, it will collect all pokestops, and trow away stuff if you reach the limmit set under items
- It will not collect any reward for leveling up!
- It's a nice option if you know you are building some gym battle accounts

See screenshot below

Screenshotis an one of my (Gym battle) accounts i botted to level 30, once reached level 30 i botted in the closest town with lotsa pokestops and didn't catch pokemon, only robbed pokestops till my bag was full till 349 (like set in the screenshot). After that i logged in on my real phone and the account got to level 30 asap, collecting all level up rewards, leaving me with lotsa overitems like in the screenshot.
(I already wasted some pokeballs and pinab berries and fought a few gyms, so some revives/potions are already used)
(I also used some special stones to evelve those pokemon that needed one)

This is an on the go battle account (i use a second smartphone for that), this account since then survived all banwaves (i don't use it to much) and has No captcha's and no warning, when you play real, you also can get overitems (think my bag is 350 full and i spin my seventh day, i get 15+ items, so my bag is 365)

Like said, not collecting your level up rewards is a nice thing if you build up battle accounts

What's the downside:
- As long as you have overitems, you can't spin pokestops and collect your daily pokestop rewards
- IF you use that account again in the bot: -> You have to deselect "Auto-Drop Items" BEFORE you start catching (else it will drop all overitems to your settings) and deselect Rob Pokestops, since it's useless with all the overitems

but since you battle gyms, you can aswell put in a pokemon of this account to collect coins (sorry for those that have readed what was here, that was an other account, this one is also an older account, but i layed low for awhile, i started using it since last week)

[Image: config.png]

So in short, if you use this option:

Untill you reached your desired level:
- Select Rob Pokestops
- Select Auto-Drop Items and set it so the total is 349 (You will never have the items is full message and skip a pokestop)

Once you reach your desired level (let's say, level 30)
- Deselect "Catch pokemon"
- Deselect "Auto-Drop Items"
- Loot Pokestops untill your bag reaches 349 items
- Once you have a full bag, deselect "Auto-Drop items"

Now if you want your account for battle in Pokebot.Ninja on your login screen, click on the pokebot ninja icon and deselect "Do not collect level-up rewards automaticlly"
Then login, the bot will collect all your level up rewards, ready to take on any gym without having to worry about collecting revives/potions after every battle

Now if you want to use it on a spare real phone (like i do), just login on your phone and it will collect all level up rewards, ready to take any gym on your way out
I have a few of those battle accounts (always have some spare (10)) and always building new ones, mostly not higher then level 30, i bot slow (not in one or 2 weeks from level 0 to level 30, takes me a few months)

Note I:
Once you go down to under 350 items, or whatever your bag size is, you can use this account:
- Like any normal account, catch and loot
- Use it to collect coins to upgrade your bag
- Fill your bag again to start fighting again

Note II:
I do recommand using it to battle on a real phone, your account will survive
IF you use it in a bot to battle gyms, the change is high you will get captcha's/notice from Niantic or get banned in the end (or not if you are lucky)

My egg setup:

[Image: eggs.png]

- It walks 2Km eggs only with the unlimited incubator and is locked to only use the unlimited incubator, nothing else.
- It walks 10Km eggs only with the limited incubator and is locked to only use the limited incubator for 10km eggs, nothing else.
- It walks 5Km eggs with the limited incubator, only when i don't have any 10Km eggs
- It walks 5Km eggs with the unlimited incubator, only if i don't have any 2Km eggs, because i didn't use "lock preference"
(05-02-2017, 11:27 AM)Pegger Wrote: - You pick your username (Not setting your username can trigger captch faster)
I just wanted to add you can fix that with 2captcha api key field if you gout balance on your 2captcha account
I know, but i don't use 2captcha cause it doesn not accept paypal direct and i don't want to setup another payment methode (i try to use as less as possible online payment methodes/needing bankcards.
(05-02-2017, 12:46 PM)Pegger Wrote: I know, but i don't use 2captcha cause it doesn not accept paypal direct and i don't want to setup another payment methode (i try to use as less as possible online payment methodes/needing bankcards.

you can also work to get your balance Wink
I can't manage items or pokemon manually. even if the I click on the tab (for example USE incense, or TRANSFER a pokemon) they don't work.. am I missing something?
IT only works when you stop the bot
This is done to avoid transffer/evolve etc... during catching a pokemon, this sure will get you flagged
Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!
I heard a lot about NInja bot for Pokemon Go management, I can't get this tool, Can you help?
unblocked games 500 online at school

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