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Time to wait between large jumps?
i spoof/bot in highly concentrated pokemon go areas then return local for gyms late at night. i normally/always wait 6 hours or more in between actions to be excessively safe. is this overkill? can i hop 2000+ miles (1000+km) in less time, utilize the old 40 spin pokestop, try and catch through the flees, etc? i want to make the best of the double xp, still going on my game!!

how long do i need to wait to jump 2000+ miles?!

thanks for your thoughts!!
When I do that I usually teleport right before I go to bed, then shut it down and start when I wake up, better safe than sorry
I have always moved coords quickly. Not had an issue yet. Moved from UK to New York, played there for a bit, moved to Japan etc..

Level 37 account
Stop sniping ->
(05-06-2017, 03:50 PM)Pegger Wrote: Stop sniping ->

stop spamming! Your answer is not even connected to TS question - time between jumps

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