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Is gym battling working?
Hello. New to botting and started with Necrobot come to find out their gym botting doesn't work and it doesn't seem like they care to try and get it to work. Came here to find out of the gym battling works well on Oh also is the donation a one time deal or do you have to do it monthly like the hashkeys?
Donation is one time deal and cumulative. If you donate 2 dollars today and in 6 months you want to use radioactive (minimum 20 dollars) you need to donate 18 dollars (20-2=18).
I think it works, I never used because I don't have any credit on paypal.
Yes it works, i donated as platinum first, then donated only the difference bewteen platinum and radioactive, now i'm radioactive
It is.
the same...10$ first...10$ more months later...I'm radioactive member

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