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How can I use -config option?
How can I use -config option which configuration file location be passed to bot?
You can for example create startbot1.cmd file with contents:
java -jar PokeBotNinja.jar -config ninja1.json

Then create startbot2.cmd with contents:
java -jar PokeBotNinja.jar -config ninja2.json

And so on, so you will have one jar file but many config files, makes it easier to update bot for all accounts. Wink
To explain it a bit in detail:

Quote:So for example i have 4 accounts and only want 1 folder
\Folder\all pokebpotninja files

run pokebotninja 1 time and set all details (account, all other settings you want)
(With other words, configure it fully so you can start to bot, if you want the same routes for all accounts, make some routes and save)

Quote:Now copy your ninja.json file to ninja1.json
Copy your ninja.json file to ninja2.json
Copy your ninja.json file to ninja3.json
Copy your ninja.json file to ninja4.json

ALL account will now have the same config and routes, the only thing you need to do is configure your account and device emulator for each account

Create a new file called 'startbot1.cmd' and put in the following line:

Quote:java -jar PokeBotNinja.jar -config ninja1.json

Save and copy your 'startbot1.cmd to 'startbot2.cmd'
Copy your 'startbot1.cmd to 'startbot3.cmd'
Copy your 'startbot1.cmd to 'startbot4.cmd'

Quote:Edit each startbot?.cmd to match the config (account)

java -jar PokeBotNinja.jar -config ninja2.json

java -jar PokeBotNinja.jar -config ninja3.json

java -jar PokeBotNinja.jar -config ninja4.json

Now run the startbot1.cmd to run account 1
Now run the startbot2.cmd to run account 2

Now, you can run each account one by one, or run them all at once by starting all startbot?cmd files
Whenever a new update is out, you only need to update 1 folder for all your accounts instead of 4 folders.
The downside, yes, you have these open CMd windows all over your screen.

[Image: pbntest.png]

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