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PokeSnipe.Ninja the new API plugin for PokeBot.Ninja
Hi Folks, 

First of all i want to thank Mr Ninja for his great app that I have been using from since it went online.
If today am addicted to Pokemon Go game it's because the works great.

After many years of developping expericences and many months of botting, haunting, sniping and teleporting, i came to the conclusion that and all other sniping feeds are at 60% fake. I got banned several times because the feeds of were fake.
And also i found that the Sniping console in app is not easy to use, even the filter is useless.

So i developped a website, which gathers real time maps feeds acrros the world.
The feeds are 100% accurate because they come directly from scanners using pogomap, fastpokemap and rocket map.

Feel free to visit my web site and register for free access.

And then I developped a script in Javascript, called Catchthem.JS which automate sniping and catching pokemon while using

Feel free to check my demo video here 

You can download the tool in members area on my website

I would be glad to read your comments, suggestions and if you like my work please share and rate.

So where do i find the tid ?
It's not in my mail

Got 2 mails, one with my username and password (registration email) , the second only contains my username (membership email)

Manual sniping works (click link snipe, all open apps catch it, all test resulted in the pokemon found (finally : ) ))
login into the member area.
Go to Plugins
You will find the credentials at the bottom of the page

Am glad it works great for you. and it works hhhh leveled 2 accounts from 1 to 21 lvl in less than 24 hours with almost greatest pokemon ever had.
Please share if you like my work
Ah, ok, so i don't use my own username.

Well, let's run it for a bit and see Smile

Haha, on a test level 25 account, just catched a Snorlax CP2378 - IV89 - lvl25
Ok, gonna farm some mareep/flaffy/Ampharos (and Golem, Golem with the right moveset to beat all those Blisseys in the gyms)
Ow and i'll put unknown in it to, i want one on this account Big Grin (i never have seen an unknown, even in autosnipe)

Ok, this plugin is great, but it undermines Mr. Ninja's hard effort to work on, you have to donate to radioactive to get autosnipe.
It takes away that option for him :/ (I'm radioactive and never have regretted it)
It's a nice find to autofeed the manual sniping, so, your plugin makes the manual sniping an auto sniping

I don't know if this post will stay, cause you take away some future money from him
Just saying Wink

I catch me preffered list IV: 80 and up and 120 seconds between each snipe
So far, all feeded links where spot on Smile

Got my first not found :/
Yeah, the credentials used in the demo are maitained at least until end of April 2017
I hope you enjoy my work
don't hesitate to write me for cool ideas and share
Well, it's a nice find to use an autofeeder for the manual snipe Wink

The only thing (you can't help it) i don't want to have it feed to all running bots :/
Now i need my more safer accounts (those that don't have a botting warning) running on my other laptop.

Have a list of pokemon by there number on your site, so you don't have to click a pokemon and check the url for it's number (or hover with your mouse over the link)
Number : Pokemon icon

Also seems it's not 100% hit proof, got another No pokemon found
Just noticed, it takes your starting sniping time, counts 120 seconds and feeds again, it should be 120 seconds from "resuming other tasks after sniping"
It took a bit longer to find a pokemon (longer list of "no pokemon found yet, waiting a bit more)
So it sniped less then 60 seconds after the previous snipe, changed my time between snipes to 150 now
Am radioactive level too
you need to upgrade to radioactive level in to enjoy the power of the bot with using my snipe plugin
I don't remember if the base version of does the snipe or has this function, i guess u need to upgrade to radioactive level.
Also am in no way intending to steal anything from Mr Ninja, i feel in the contrary, i make this bot more and more popular

I will try to optimaze the api and reduce the refresh time from 5min to 2min. this way you will not get expired pokemons in the feeds

No, you need to be Platinum to get manual snipe. (Radioactive for autosnipe)
So Platinum and Radioactive users can use this plugin.

Also if you could look into the time issue Wink to be more accurate from end of sniping to new snipe instead of countdown from start sniping to new snipe
hahaha you want to do what i do actually
so this is the solution i actually use.

To have several CatchThem app with Pokebot runing on the same PC, and since you want to secure accounts by creating groups, you need to go to you control panel and add more users in your PC
then login in each profile and on your desktop put the accounts folder you need to group and the CatchThem app
lauch the bots and the scripts
then SWITCH USER (dont log off) just switch to another user
and do the same for the other accounts
and so on
i tested it it works

I will try to optimize the api and reduce the refresh time from 5min to 2min. this way you will no longer receive expired pokemons in the feeds
the error you posted was logged on my server and i took a look at it, you sniped an expired pokemon, i will fix it

Also for manual website sniping, make sure that IV, ATK, DEF, STA are well shown in the grid line of the pokemon you want to snipe
if you see the 4 values, then the pokemon is 100% accurate

The SQL query on the API makes sure that those 4 values are existing to avoid this kind of error

ok, fiexed, now lower the cooldown interval to 60 seconds

ok, fixed the issue, you need now to lower the cooldown interval to 60 seconds
Hello ! I use snipe button on your website and i got this error message ( On opera )
[Image: Screenshot_1.png]

I downloaded Snipe ninja but what i need to do with it ?

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