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GYM features development.
I was about to write an essay with all the features that can be implemented in the gym area but i feel like im not smart enought to tell the developers of what to do since you guys already know or have thought about it already, the thing is gym battles is the feature that makes the diference between this and other bots, i really want to enjoy the feeling of having all the gyms of my entire city max levelled with all my high level pokemon go accounts.

I guess the reason there is not more development in this area is becouse devs might be scared of breaking the game and forcing niantic to invest more fighting bots.

What are your thoughts on this matter ninja?, are we gonna see more development on gyms?, im finding a lot of fun getting free coins this easy, and the more features are sold for coins in the pokemon go store the more value those coins have.

Sorry for my shitty english, i hope it gets better with time.
Look at this thread, it is one of the best things for us and we will never want to have it on it's nothing new that people told us about, but we need to ask them more.

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