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Is key good for one ip only?
I bought a key to use for Pokebot Ninja. Is the key attached to my IP address? So say for example if I am at school and bot over there will I get ban because it is different from the IP address my key is attached to?
I don't believe that's how it works.
It should only be connected to the email you used to purchase.
[Image: averagepokesig.png]

you can use hash key anywhere at anytime even on multiple accounts at once. depends on, hash key you bought. The cheapest package right now, is the 150 RPM one and it costs like $4,30 or so. We have calculated that 1 Pokémon GO account uses something like 30-35 RPM. This means that a 150 RPM package should be good for 4 Pokémon GO account. With a bit of luck maybe 5 but that's not advisable.
[Image: pulado83c49.png]
Thank you. I read misinformation somewhere that says you can only use the key with your IP address. Good to know.
You can 100% use it on multiple IP addresses, I use a VPN and have used it on multiple IPs.
So one account nerda 30-35 RPM? When i botting this showed nie i used less than 20 RPM :o

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