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150 request APIs? 500 request APIs?
I received 150 requests API licenses the previous month. I'm thinking of getting 500 request APIs this month, but I could not resolve the difference between them, 150 request APIs seemed to work, after only 1000 pokemon per day, the capture was in error. I am delighted to be able to help with what the 500 request API exactly means.
Quote:Every time Bot sends data to the pokemon server it does 1 request. Every request needs to be signed correctly to look like the real app.

Regular botting uses up to 30 requests/minute meaning you can use the same license for up to 4 accounts. Gym attacking makes 60 requests/minute.

Buying a 500 request license would make it so you can bot more multiple accounts simultaneously than with 150.
This has nothing to do with the 1000 Pokemon daily catch limit.
[Image: averagepokesig.png]

Unless you plan on selling accounts you will never need anything over 150 rpm.
If you use a scanner to find pokemon on your android with lotsa accounts
I use 25 accounts for scanning, and it tells me the rpm, i get 160+rpm when scanning with all 25
(the more accounts, the faster your scan Wink )
Hi I just ne ne 150 rmb licence bought how long does it take until I have?
Probably too late to tell you, but for others looking through the thread, usually about 20 minutes
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