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how many times to receive API by bossland?

on january i bought a API licence key and i receive it immediatly (by buddyshop)
today my licence is dead so i bought a new one this morning (6 hours ago)

i don't receive nothing actually... an idea of the problem?

just ping their support and submit a ticket.
SOmetimes the CEO of Bossland needs to manually accept, dependent upon what you used to may payment and what your IP's reputation is when the purchase was made.
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Hi !

thanks for your replys

yes the problem comes from my Professionnal IP adress.... strange but true

Problem solved immediatly by using my personnal IP adress...

Have a good day everybody
when purchasing a api key is this a one off payment and then after that once it runs out you got to buy another one?? just quite unclear about this
[Image: Api_Key.png]
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