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Error with auto-transfer?
Hello, sorry but my English is very bad, so I use the google translator.
Is there an error with auto-transfer, or do I get the system wrong?
I wanted all Pokemons to be shipped that have not yet reached level 20 and have not at least IV of 95%.

[Image: Auto_Transfer.jpg]
the bot did the right thing according to what you set.

if you want to ( transfer all Pokémon having iv<.95 ) and ( transfer all Pokémon having lv<20 ), you should set the bot to:

transfer all Pokémon having ( iv<.95 or lv<20 ).
Thank you, of course, you are right. Unfortunately it is not possible to select the "or" in the drop-down boxes. Probably the fault is here.

[Image: Unbenannt.jpg]
try right click on the first "and" option..
Or option is revealed after you right click on the left dropdown and select: Enable 'Or' mode
Nice, thanks! :-)

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