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i counter a problem while trying to train on GYM. It keep me getting "UNKNOWN EXCEPTION" and the TRAIN Button got disabled after that but i can click the DEPLOY Button. If i click theDEPLOY Button i can choose my pokemon and then i got an EXCEPTION again.

Are there any issues at the time?


1 main possibility

there has been an error in a previous attempt to attack/train a gym.
this can be a network error, or any other event that got you kicked out of battle/training
In the real app, such error will prevent you from entering that same gym for the next 3 minutes or so.
There's not much you can do except wait until it's cooled down , or try another gym. Wait at least 5 minutes, because if trying again regenerates the error, you might reset your "lock out" counter for that gym

ETA : after testing myself, looks like V75 Gym Battle is broken
Seems to work for most people in the Discord chat. Can you post some details about the first pokemon you are attacking with? Type of pokemon and moveset.

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