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How to Snipe!?
Hi everyone,
i've checked if anyone else had posted this yet, but i can't find it
Can someone explain briefly the steps to follow in order to snipe? I'm a platinum i'm referring to manual sniping.
I suppose I need coordinates ...where to find them? and, once obtained coordinates, what I have to do in the sniping form?
Thanks thanks thanks Smile Angel Angel
Easy to do, make sure your bot is linked to your donation, click top left of bot by the ninja face, and input your data. Ninja should be gold with $ signes for eyes.
Next click snipe, click on one of the links for pokemon coords, or use discord, and copy and paste the coords into your sniping box, and click Parse, then snipe!, and watch the information box on the bot to see if the Pokemon is found and if it's caught.
[Image: 2qdzxc0.jpg]
As mentioned once you enable sniping on your bot open up the snipe section then use a discord channel like pokesnipers (rare90coords is a good one) -
Copy and paste in the coordinates with pokemon name click parse and check the fields fill out correctly then click snipe. I would suggest waiting for your bot to swipe a pokestop or catch a pokemon in its current location before sniping, then not to snipe again until it catches/swipes another pokestop in current location. Also if you definitely know the pokemon is there and it doesn't find it first go, once it finishes click parse again and snipe - sometimes the pokemon don't show up for the bot within the timeframe it uses.

Also a few maps which you can use to get the coordinates you need:   click the pokemon you want and click the map and copy the lat and long coordinates from it along with typing in the pokemon name.

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