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Bulk "Toggle Favorite" and "IV Rename"
As much as I hate using *the other bot* Poke<cough>Farmer<cough>... it does have 2 features which I hope can be introduced to PokeBot Ninja:

1. Ability to bulk/mass "Toggle Favorite"
2. Bulk/mass rename Pokemon based on their IV <---- I read in some old future changelog that an automatic feature of this might trigger a Niantic flag, so how about a manual feature, but bulk/mass rename nonetheless to make it more efficient?

For example, Snorlax will be renamed to Snorlax_93 so on and so forth.
Added to TODO list Wink
i like it how it is... clicking the star is just the same as clicking the check box i would vote to keep the star it help me organize my fighting pokemon better
The star part will remain as-is Wink When I add mass-toggle, it will be differently, something akin to the "Mass-Transfer" etc options.

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