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Mass-Sniping feature in v74
Hi Mr Ninja, I wanted to make use of the mass-sniping feature you mentioned avail in v74. Any tutorial or youtube vid showing how that can be done? I'm using both a Macbook and a PC at times. Thanks!
On PC it should be easy, right click on "ninjasniper_register" and choose "run as administrator". It installs PokeBot.Ninja as pokesniper2:// (and also ninjasniper://) protocol handler (Ninjasniper yay Big Grin ).
Make sure you restart all the bots (on startup bots check if ninjasniper is set as handler).
At first windows firewall may ask for confirmation because bots use UDP connection to make communication work cross-platform.
After that, just search for a site that offers pokesniper2:// links and click on them, it will trigger the handler which then notifies all running bots to snipe the target Wink

For Mac there is a special wrapper App available for PokeBot.Ninja:
It registers itself as pokesniper2:// (and also nijasniper://) handler and forwards the info to all the running bots Wink

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