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best place to farm
hi, i have download ninjabot and i want to farm with this. where is best place to set my bot? peraphs to catch snolax and dragonite Smile
Snorlax and Dragonite => snipe them

Well, Manhattan is a good place for the starters
A few places to get you started...

Tokyo Disneyland won't give you the most xp/hr, but it is great for a wide variety of pokemon.
All the other places have a ton of stops and a high rate of pokemon spawns.  But so far, Central Park and Times Square seem to produce the most XP/hr for me that i've come across (there's probably better places).  I can usually maintain between 25,000 and 30,000 xp/hr with default settings.  If anyone knows coordinates that produce more than that, please share.

London, UK:
51.5027, -0.119522
Sydney, Australia:
-33.865143 151.209900

Tokyo Disneyland :
35.633511709, 139.87992525

Central Park: {NYC, US.}
40.7829, 73.9654

Times Square:
40.759102, -73.984179

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