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How to manage auto snipe
Hi !

How can we manage the auto snipe ?
I'm now a Radioactive member and I would like to know how this tool works.
Well, you can choose pokedex sniping which will fill your pokebag with all the pokemons that are missing your pokedex.
Or regular sniping, where you select pokemons you want to catch from the dropdown menu and add to target list. You can restrict distance and IV (if IV is known for pokemon).
There are also some videos on youtube Wink
I'll watch the videos on youtube.
Can you tell me why the distance is important ?
Thanks for your work
I don't know how this work but distance is important because you get flagged after teleporting too mutch that it can't be explain by human acts..
Well, which distance do you use ?

A thing that I don't understand is how it workks for auto sniping. I use to click on the poemon I want. The bot catches it (or not) and then, it says "Sniping finished"). Is it normal ?

Mr Ninja, do you have a link on youtube where I can find a tutorial ?


[Image: Capture.png]
"Sniping finished" means that this one sniping action was finished, not the whole thin, it will keep scanning the log.
If you auto snipe will you get banned as the location will constantly change
possibly, which is why there's an allowable range in the auto sniper so you dont just jump all over the world.

it comes down to common sense.
Autosnipe is no different to manual snipe only it saves you constantly pasting in coordiantes. The chances of being banned are no greater for autosnipe than manual! I'm not sure if people understand how the concept of sniping actually works but you're technically catching the pokemon in your current location (it teleports, engages the pokemon, teleports back then throws the ball) FYI location is not set in the game until a pokestop is swiped or a ball/razzberry is thrown. That's not to say sniping won't flag you if done too much but set your autosnipe timer to something like 300sec which will be plenty of time to avoid travel lag.
it would be good if someone could make a step by step guide with pictures

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