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Floating window for gym and snipe
It'd be nice to allow 'floating windows' for the gym and snipe functions.

At the moment, if you have one of those windows open, it is the 'always on top' type of window, whereby you can't click anywhere else within the bot.

Basically I'd like to keep the gym and snipe windows open (regardless whether or not they are in use) while still being able to access the other functions of the bot, such as sorting Pokemon by IV, resizing main window etc.
Since both are high interaction windows they are currently like that intentionally. Allowing them to be "floating" would cause many syncing issues (trying to snipe while battling and vice versa, evolving pokemons while battling etc). Too easy to forget some edge case and cause users to get banned.
Ah I just read this, thanks for the reply Mr Ninja! Another user just posted similar request on separate thread.

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