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Anybody can tell me, whats going on now??
Bossland started as and is a business of bot provider, so your point doesn't make any sense.
It did not start making bots after Pokemon Go was released, it has been in the business of bots for a long while, whatever life it may had/have put on the line.
So obviously greed is there if its business model is illegal.

As for free or not, it is practically a perspective discussion, otherwise there would never be a free cracked API for Bossland to build the paid services on in the first place.

Anyhow, I don't understand why admitting the existence of greed is so difficult though. Greed is everywhere nowadays. It is hard to imagine it does not exist in paid bot providers and bot users - you, me, them, others. Tongue
( Might not be in Mr.Ninja, however)
Greed is a terrific thing --- as long as it is managed properly.

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