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gym fighting impossible with new API
Using the Bossland key and the new API makes gym fights take about three times longer, I assume because of the latency to go to the hash server for each request. This makes for constant timeouts when gym fighting, forcing me to go back to the old 0.45 API. Please do something about this!
Gym Battling works perfectly fine on latest Pokebot.Ninja with Bossland Key Hash on latest API 0.51
Gym Battling works but action it's quite slow...
Still timing out of gym battles. If it's solely a function of latency to the Bossland servers, maybe nothing can be done, but then the gym battle feature simply becomes obsolete for basically most of the world (that's not next to the Bossland servers) as soon as 0.45 is disabled. Is there any sort of optimization that can be done? And if not, at least give us an option to disable all the damn API warnings and allow auto-login to work with the old API!
Good to know they are adding servers. If they think load is high now, it will probably jump by 100x the day 0.45 is finally disabled, so I hope they are further prepared.
I tested to see if the bot could handle bubble strat but the latency is obviously too much as the diglet dies before doing 2 hits to the poliwag. I guess the latency is a bit to much for that option. Sad
The bubblestrat will be added in future Wink

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