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How to Snipe Poke?
does any 1 knows how to snipe pokemon...
1. Make sure you are at the right 'donation level' (at least Platinum level)
2. Start your bot as per usual, up to "Start Catching" stage. I like to start at this stage to ensure your account is not soft-banned at least i.e. you can rob Pokestop and/or catch normal Pokemons as per normal
3. Click the "Snipe" button

There are two ways to snipe.

MANUAL. You need to get sources of Pokemon coordinates. My favorites are Pokezz and #100IV Discord channel. Google them please.
1. Go to the Manual tab on the snipe window
2. Copy/paste the information of the Pokemon you want to snipe, which needs at least the Pokemon type, and the coordinates (latitude and longitude). As an example, this is what I can copy from Pokezz: - Dragonite 24.870108, 120.975936
3. It doesn't matter if it has extra characters; in the above example, the "" words get copied, this doesn't matter
4. Click the Parse button, make sure the information is correctly parsed (you can see the Pokemon you want to snipe, and the coordinates)
5. Click SNIPE!
6. And voila!

The AUTO snipe function is quite self-explanatory I think... although it seems to be somewhat broken these days. The coordinates sources could be down.
Thanks for this explanation.
I'm just wondering.. I don't have a "snipe" button.
I do have a donate button though, if this replaced by a "snipe" button or something after you donate?
Finally if I uninstall the bot, but reinstall it later do I have to Donate again?
Thanks to anyone who may be able to help Smile
[Image: 2qdzxc0.jpg]
Just follow these steps: Wink
(01-01-2017, 01:18 PM)cezzz Wrote: Just follow these steps: Wink

Thanks I'm in Smile
[Image: 2qdzxc0.jpg]

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