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Donation Question
If i donate does it count for running 1 bot or can i run it 3 times?

I do run 3x Pokebot Ninja on my computer for my 3 accounts (Red/Blue/Yellow)
Donations are per-person, so yes, you are allowed to use the code for yourself 3x Wink
I think he or her asked that can we use one code for 3 or more accounts at same ip same time ?
is it same hashkey ? one key can for 3-4accounts (150rpm)
150rpm hashkey should be able to be used safely for up to 4 accounts yes.
then if I donate 20us , get the code ,
Can the code work for 3 accounts at same IP same time ? or just one code one account once time ? (ask for code . i know Ninja can work mutli-accounts same time no need to donate , but now I want to know if one donate code how to work ?)

easy to know
I have 3accounts and want to run bots same time at PC (same ip) , donate 20 3accounts work or donate 60us for 3accounts run bots ?
Donation is per-person, so donation of 20 with 3 accounts is ok.
If you really-really like the bot and want to donate more, I don't mind Smile But right now there is nothing else to unlock after Radioactive (yet Tongue )
I will donate to try 3accounts at same ip .
Lets see

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