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Ninja Bot Freezing
Hi, Is anyone else experiencing the bot freezing on them? I have had it freeze on me now for 3 times this evening. I have been around the same area (Central Park) each time. I have had it freeze at different points each time, doing different things.  Once I was only on for about 30 minutes, the other two times was about an hour and a half.  It just freezing and I have to use the task manager on my CPU to shut it down fro not responding.  Mr. Ninja, any ideas???
I confirm.
several time

p/s an additional error - no pokemon on the map (before error) - just walk and no pokemon 1-10 min. then freez...
The catching task stopped suddenly twice this morning for me, bot not moving not catching, but the UI seems still responsive.
Same happened to me an hour ago. It stopped when I changed the route.
happens a lot here too.
seems like the v68 fix does not fix all of the issues

when the bot is freezing, check your CMD window (if you used startbot.bat on windows),
the command prompt log shows that it's due to an exception from the hashing service.
apparently, the bot does not catch the exception, and simply waits for a hashing server response which will never come, so it just sits there and stops doing anything

here's the CMD prompt log everytime the bot hangs, if that helps

Exception in thread "Async HTTP Thread" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Recieved unhandled response from hashing server. code=503
at com.pokegoapi.util.BosslandHash.request(
at com.pokegoapi.util.Signature$HasherWrapper.doit(
at com.pokegoapi.util.Signature.setSignature(
at com.pokegoapi.main.RequestHandler.internalSendServerRequests(
at Source)
Same thing. You can not exit bot normally. Yesterday no issues, but today, happened three times within an hour. So much for paying for a service that works for one day Sad
yes. same here.
also doesn't seem to be recording the eggs hatching km too well.
It happens to me as well. V67 is far more stable than 68.

Ninja, Please resolve this asap.
good thing i didnt delete 67 yet. Smile
Is there any link to download v67 again?

I wanna to get v67 back but cannot find where to download.

I already delete v67.....

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