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your account has been suspended
Today another in my account suspended, lvl28. Sad to say, but what can we do have such a risk. [Despite all the captcha appears resolved, but that's no guarantee that your account is safe. Congratulations celebrate Prophet's birthday. [Google translate]
[Image: Screenshot_2016_12_13_10_33_30_802_com_nianticla.png]
your account got ban bc of this bot...
I have used until yesterday my 3 cuenats are still alive, someone else forbade him?
I got a big bulk banned on my accounts today. so I wouldn't recommend using this at all... I got 18 of 20 banned all at the same time.
And it turns out there are in suspended lvl11 [google account] Tongue
[Image: Screenshot_2016_12_13_11_52_42_139_com_nianticla.png]
One less, lvl 29 RIP... still alive 5...
I don't know if this applies to all banned accounts but a friend of mine told me that Niantic will not ban your accounts if there is outstanding coins minimum is 1000.
And there's more in the suspended lvl28 [PTC account] Angel
[Image: Screenshot_2016_12_13_13_48_02_762_com_nianticla.png]

Today, until now, had three accounts in suspended. Confused
i think u should not keep ur inventory full

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