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I posted 2 or 3 replays for posts. But I can't see any of them
Why Is that?
First I thought you check the posts before posting them... But it was at least 4 days ago, Mr. Ninja even answered my private message, so why I don't I see the posts? (Not even in my 
I only now subscribed for all the posts, but I didn't thought that I need to subscribe to have an opinion...
Vika Heart
THE game in years-got hooked on!discovered AWESOME MR.NINJA!only at 23th level-gets impossible discouraging.spent 200$ 4pokecoins-til 23th(bymyself)
It was nice at the beginning & somedays U HAVE 2LET US BE HOME&FEEL OUTSIDE!-NINTENDO!
Thanks Mr.Ninja-You're SUPERB!

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