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Manual path elevations

first, great work on the bot ! keep it up !

I was wondering if it would be complicated to include the elevations of points in manual path.
I'm not sure if Niantic is checking for them to flag bots, but just in case, it would be more secure...

I would also suggest an option to hide the radius of pokestops on the map. I find it difficult to manually spot pokemons spawns when the circles are visible... or maybe lighten their opacity ?

thanks again for checking these suggestions. Wink
Google pathing already includes elevation. However, I think I read on a thread that Mr. Ninja responded that slight deviation to this is made to this to make it more human-like.

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Current version has elevation disabled, have to enable it again.
Historically elevation was mixed up with accuracy, giving very mixed results when used. Because elevation does not seem to cause bans, it has been disabled for a while, will have to find time to enable it again.
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