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v51 Auto Transfer.
Auto transfer is not working as AND condition. It just have AND on combo box but it is working as OR.

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same problem here... =(
Quote:If you want it to behave as 'Keep over', ALWAYS use 'And', so it will only transfer away pokemons who has BOTH CP and IV lower.
Transfer under 500CP 'Or' 90% IV WILL transfer away 499CP 100% IV Pikachu, because 499 < 500 and 'Or' means only ONE condition must match!

this is tips in old version show, but have some report and now we have "keep best" option

and i like use "AND" option now, i don't want check one condition and my pokemon will transfer
Please read the sentence correctly.
It says "auto-transfer UNDER" not "keep OVER".
"And" check means that BOTH conditions must be true.

In the attached screenshot the configuration is to transfer new catches if they are under 500CP AND 90% IV.

The caught pokemon was 80CP 93% IV.

80CP is indeed under 500, BUT, 93% IV is NOT under 90%

Because one condition does not match, and "AND" requires BOTH to match, the pokemon is NOT transfered. Smile

If you want to also transfer pokemons who only match one condition (CP is under 500 as on the example but IV is bigger, or when CP is over 500 but IV is smaller), right click on the "And" selection menu, enable the "Or" option and use that on.

"Or" by definition means that only ONE condition has to match. Smile
The new version is showing different message when auto -transfer is enable.
But still not working correctly on AND condition.

As you can see on screenshot, just one condition is satisfied (CP). However the IV not, so, it should auto transfer the pokemon.

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It's working fine... AND means if it meets both conditions (If BOTH are UNDER)... since it failed the first condition, it keeps it.
'OR' means, if only 1 satisfies, then TRANSFER, not KEEP.
Think about it... It says "TRANSFER IF". So IF CP is OVER, then it automatically not satisfied... so NOT TRANSFER = KEEP.

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Exactly what mrj0hnson said, it's even right there in the log...
It checks if CP 769 < CP 600. Simple math says that it is NOT true. Because BOTH conditions must be true, and the CP one clearly isn't, the transfer does NOT happen.

Example logic sentence that maybe helps: IF sky is purple AND grass is green THEN I will buy sunglasses. What happens if sky is blue instead of purple? Or if grass is black? Does the sunglasses purchase happen or not? Tongue

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