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Farming Location Guide
(08-20-2016, 05:32 PM)Ranger Wrote:
(08-20-2016, 05:20 PM)repens Wrote: Here are my coords for Pier 39 in San Francisco. About 22-28k XP per hour.!osEmAQTY

Why the strange link?
Wouldn't it be easier to type the coordinates?

The coords were too long for the forum so I saved them in a text file. You can copy and paste the coords from the text file into "ninja.json"
Best Spot in Malaysia (KL City Center / Petaling Jaya)

Taman Jaya :
3.104076, 101.648623


3.07361, 101.58742

Sunway Pyramid
3.07271, 101.60789

3.15565, 101.71500

Suria KLCC
3.15705, 101.71159

Masjid Negara
3.13900, 101.68685

Bukit Bintang
3.14679, 101.71130

Tasik Titiwangsa
3.17811, 101.70647

KL Bird Park
3.14312, 101.68835

3.15755, 101.61152

3.15268, 101.61491

3.15609, 101.61153

Oasis Square
3.11473, 101.57476

3.11777, 101.67717

3.17144, 101.66762
5.500 M/s
180 Pokemon/H

I've been playing with this and I can't get more than ~15k/h. How the hell does anyone get 75k/h?? Even with an egg we should be getting 37-38k/h.
"Tokyo Disneyland



Speed 6.000 M/S

(65k Exp/h)"

Tokyo Disneyland



Speed 6.000 M/S

(65k Exp/h)

This is the exact setup I am using, however I only tend to get 25k-30k xp/h, how come? Sad
I tried to set in many way but I only got 15-16k xp/h what can I do Sad
Seems to me like 65k xp/h is a lot to ask... considering all the animation in real life, etc., you'd be lucky to get past 20k, unless you're getting all "new pokedex". Besides that sounds like auto-permaban settings to me.

If you like my posts, please rate... And of course,  [Image: donate_mini.png].
It's because the bot needs to be humanlike and it has to sacrifice productivity for that. Download V19 and run it in Disneyland Tokyo and you will get 65-75kxp/h.

I can't edit Squidward's post, but I think he left out a few words......I'll copy/paste, and add what he forgot


It's because the bot needs to be humanlike and it has to sacrifice productivity for that.  Download V19 and run it in Disneyland Tokyo and you will get 65-75kxp/h, and you'll also get a perma-ban!

For those of you who might be kinda new to PokeBot.Ninja.....I would suggest taking some time to read through some of the 6 categories on this forum. There is a LOT of very useful/informative information in these pages!
Most of the people who have been using this bot from the beginning have experienced losing multiple accounts because of the Niantic bitch-slap.
Therefore, we have struggled to figure out the best ways to avoid the ban.
The NUMBER ONE most obvious precaution is:
Don't level up at a rate which is humanly impossible.

We have many threads here, with ideas about how to push the limits without being too extreme.

I don't want to encourage anyone to use a different bot, BUT......
There are other bots that concentrate on maximizing your XP. (You can find those with a simple Google search.)
     Those other bots are losing popularity very quickly!
You know why???
Because after you take the time to make a new account, then set up all of the bot's settings, find an area to farm, and wait for hours, while your bot gets to level 25-30 in two days, YOU GET BANNED!!! How much fun is that?
Sooooo......those bots are quickly losing their appeal.
And when a product starts to lose popularity, the creators start losing interest in improving their product (no updated versions).
That is NOT the case with PokeBot.Ninja!!!
MrNinja has been working very closely with us - his users, to help us find ways to use PokeBot.Ninja without getting banned.
He releases new versions constantly! (Sometimes a new/improved version every day!!!)
He encourages all of us to suggest ideas for improving the bot, (ie: making it run smoother, making it easier to use, and making it more fun).

As a member of the PokeBot.Ninja Support team, I would like to suggest a few things to new users:
**  Use PokeBot.Ninja wisely/carefully!
**  Participate here on the forums, by offering your ideas for improvements - IN THE "Support" THREAD.
**  Have fun with MrNinja's bot, but use it with some common sense.
**  Ask questions (IN THE "Support" THREAD) if you don't understand something! We have a very helpful staff of mods & support, who are all willing to answer your questions!
**  Tell your friends about this bot!
**  And last but not least....
[Image: donate_mini.png] ~~It's a secure page (PayPal)~~.

MrNinja has spent countless hours, and many sleepless nights, working on improving this bot - ALL FOR ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO US!!!
He could very easily be selling his program, or loading it with annoying ads. BUT HE HASN'T!
So, even if you can only afford one dollar, GO FOR IT!!!

As far as I'M concerned....personally, as a "Support" person, I'm not going to give advice to someone about how to get 65K-75K XP with PokeBot.Ninja!
I just don't see the point, and can't understand why anybody would want to waste the time to create new accounts, and all of the other preparations, just to get banned - almost intentionally.
If you like PokeBot.Ninja,

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There are two farming sites I use a lot to get the Pokemon I want:

Like a pokemon Wikipedia and shows sites worldwide plus shows ratings. overall map however map location within settings. Very handy as already has the coordinates built in.

Pokemon locations in the UK. Gives a map rating and last verified date. No coordinates however a little bio about the locations

P.S. Love this bot

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