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Tutorial: PokeBotNinja Button Shortcut MAC/OSX
I got tired of having to keep opening terminal and typing in the command so I created a shortcut with an Icon.  This is how you do it.

1) Open Automator.  Choose "Application"
2) Actions > Run Shell Script
3) Delete "cat" and enter this command

cd /Applications/PokeBotNinja\
java -jar PokeBotNinja.jar

"PokeBotNinja\ Login" will be the final name of the app.  So choose whatever works for you.  "PokeBotNinja_foldername" is the name of the original folder of your files.  Normally this is named PokeBotNinja-V44.  So replace PokeBotNinja_foldername with whatever the name of your original PokeBotNinja folder name is.  This is how mine looks.
[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_09_08_at_5_04_36_AM.png]

4) Save the Application
[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_09_08_at_5_01_25_AM.png]

5) Now the app is saved in your Applications folder.  Right click the app and click "Show Package Contents".
6) Copy and Paste / Drag and Drop your PokeBotNinja folder containing the settings and jar file aka "PokeBotNinja_foldername"
7) PokeBotNinja Application folder should look like this now and the app/shortcut is fully created.
[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_09_08_at_5_09_23_AM.png]
8) To create a proper icon for the app/shortcut, Drag and Drop this icon into this icon creator website
 [Image: nlogo.png]
9) Rename the downloaded .icns file to AutomatorApplet.icons
10) "Show Package Contents" of your newly created app.  Then drag and drop your now renamed .icns file into Contents > Resources.  A prompt will ask if you want to "Keep both" "Stop" or "Replace.  Select "Replace".
11) Open the .png of the PokeBotNinja logo in Preview.  Press Command+A to select all.  Then press Command+C to copy image.  Close preview.  Rich Click new PokeBotNinja App and click "Get Info".  Click the icon in the top left of the window and press Command+P to paste the copied png logo.
12) Command+Right Click Finder > Relaunch to refresh icons
13) Your results should look like this
[Image: Screen_Shot_2016_09_08_at_5_20_44_AM.png]
14) Click the app/shortcut and check functionality.  It should automatically open PokeBotNinja.  Change a few of your configuration setting in the bot manager and close PokeBotNinja to verify .json settings file is being saved properly.

Enjoy not having to type in commands in terminal everytime you need to open the PokeBotNinja

-To Update when new versions are released.... Download latest version.  Copy everything except .json file(s).  Show package contents of app/shortcut.  Paste contents of new version inside the "PokeBotNinja_foldername"
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If you need anything just PM me Big Grin
"So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?" - Mewtwo , Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998)
Great Information sharing .. I am very happy to read this article .. thanks for giving us go through info.Fantastic nice. I appreciate this post.

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